Please plan to join us THIS SUNDAY FEBRUARY 6TH at 10AM via Zoom, where we will walk the membership through the tentative ‘Black Book’ Agreement in full. We are currently waiting for the Memorandum of Agreement and we will be providing a full summary of key changes once received.

The process from the beginning has been member-focused and member-driven. I want to thank our Local 399 Steering Committees, Negotiating Committees, and rank-and-file membership that guided our decision making every step of the way in the fight for a fair deal. Our members are the boots on the ground, and our members’ involvement in negotiations brought power to the bargaining table. Our marching orders were clear: to protect, preserve and improve the livelihood of our members. The tentative agreement addresses our members’ core issues of New Media, economic gains and preservation of benefits, without any concessions or givebacks. We fought hard as a united group with support from Teamster Locals across the Nation and Canada and the Hollywood Basic Craft Locals.

The 399 bargaining committee, made up of our member led Steering Committees, is unanimously recommending the agreement for ratification. The tentative agreement addresses our members’ core issues with NO CONCESSIONS and NO GIVEBACKS.

Highlights from the Tentative Agreement subject to Ratification includes:

(The one-sheet below is not contract language, nor a comprehensive overview.)

We encourage ALL members working under this Agreement (Drivers, Dispatchers, Animal Trainers/Handlers, Wranglers, Autoservice, Mechanic and now DOT Admins) to be an active participant in the next steps of this process and make it point to ATTEND the Informational Ratification Meeting and VOTE on YOUR Contract. 

I want to be clear that NO voting will be taking place at the February 6th meeting. We plan to utilize electronic voting again for the ratification process. Your ballot will be sent to you AFTER this meeting and you will have a voting window of FEBRUARY 6TH – FEBRUARY 9TH to cast your vote. Remember you MUST be a member in good-standing (not on a RETIRED, WITHDRAWAL or SUSPENDED STATUS) in order to receive a ballot. 

DATE: SUNDAY, February 6th 


Via Zoom 

REGISTER via the Local 399 App or email for a link. 


Since the contract ratification will take place electronically, please take a moment to ensure we have your correct EMAIL and CELL PHONE on file at the Union Hall. Simply text the keyword – CONTACT – to 818-985-7550 to check the mobile phone and email address on file. (Keep in mind, it can take up to a minute to receive a response via text). Should you need to update your contact information, please contact: 818-985-7374.

Please let us know if you have any questions. As shared above we will continue to share information as it becomes available. Please help spread the word about Sunday’s meeting!

In Solidarity,

Lindsay Dougherty 

Teamsters Local 399 

Recording Secretary & Business Agent

Lead ‘Black Book’ Negotiator