Local 399 NEW Call Board Launch Details

Call Board Member Log-in Feature Disabling Tomorrow for Testing

We are excited to announce we are getting closer to fully switching over to our new Call Board system into the Salesforce platform!

We have been working on enhancing our software solutions at the Union Hall for the past year and a half in conjunction with our International and our Salesforce consultants from Strategic Organizing Solutions. A major reason why our office has been able to operate remotely over the course of the COVID-19 shutdown was due in part to the enhancements in our internal database system.

After receiving word that we would need to do a re-build of our current Call Board prior to the end of 2021 for security reasons, we made the decision last summer to roll our Call Board into the Salesforce as well. This decision will allow for the elimination of duplicate work from our Staff by now being able to operate out of one centralized Membership database system. This will also allow for better tracking and reporting of potential workplace violations, enhanced reporting on Productions, Company and Company Contact data, added efficiencies in the workday to help better service the Membership, and more!

We are in the final phases of the launch, and will be rolling out our new Call Board platform in two phases.
PHASE 1: Rolling our Call Board Dispatchers fully into the new system next week to manage availability of members, processing daily rundowns, flagging workplace violations and running reports.
* For this first phase, we will be disabling the Call Board system login functionality for Members as of tomorrow.

Should you need to make yourself AVAILABLE, or if you are a GROUP 1 Driver that needs a Daily Production Report, simply contact the Call Board directly for the time being: 818-985-7550 and they will be able to assist you.

PHASE 2: Over the course of the next couple weeks, we will be rolling out our new SMS technology to allow Members to make themselves AVAILABLE through a simple text message and allow GROUP 1 Drivers to opt-in to our Daily Production Report email list to receive the report directly in your email.

By utilizing the new TEXT to AVAILABLE process, we will also be looking to expand this technology over the course of the year to offer more texting functionality to interact with your data on file. Stay tuned for more details as to when this functionality is launched!

In order to prepare for this new feature, please make sure we have your most current MOBILE phone number on file with the Front Office. Update information here: CLICK HERE TO UPDATE CONTACT INFORMATION WITH THE UNION HALL.

We will be providing more of an update around our new system this Sunday at our General Membership Meeting via Zoom at 9AM.

If you have yet to register, please CLICK HERE.

Stay tuned for more updates, and please bear with us as we roll out our new Call Board Platform and services to the Membership. Let us know if you have any immediate questions.