We are excited to welcome Local 399 Driver & Executive Board Trustee Calvin McDowell to our Local 399 Staff. Calvin will be serving as a part-time Business Agent working closely with Business Agent Joshua Staheli in Commercials. With the entire Industry so busy, we need additional support in checking commercials and assisting our Local 399 Members working in the Commercial world. With Calvin’s 21 years of experience working in Commercials and his innate leadership abilities that have been utilized during his time as a Local 399 Trustee and Quixote Shop Steward, we could think of no better candidate to help fill this role.

Calvin had this to say regarding his new position with Local 399, “I am really humbled and proud to be of greater service to the Local 399 Membership. I am excited to get even more involved in our great organization, and I welcome the challenges that lie ahead while fighting for my Local 399 Brothers & Sisters. With the Industry so busy right now, I look forward to aid Business Agent Joshua Staheli to help give our Members in the Commercial world the support they deserve.

Calvin has shown his leadership abilities time and time again with our administration. He has tackled every challenge put before him and has stepped up as a Local 399 Trustee, Shop Steward, Representative with the Los Angeles Federation of Labor and as a dedicated Member of the Teamsters National Black Caucus. I look forward to seeing him grow as a Business Agent and believe he is the right choice to support and fight for our Members.” Secretary-Treasurer Steve Dayan.

If you have any questions regarding the Drivers Commercial Agreement, please continue to email Joshua Staheli at jstaheli@ht399.org for the time being.

Please join us in welcoming Calvin McDowell as our new part-time Business Agent!