We are excited to report that our Members at Omega have ratified their new 5-year Agreement. This hardworking group has been plagued by a lot of uncertainty over the past several months. Omega/Cinema Props future has been in limbo with the sale of the property that the Company currently resides on, as well as the announcement of the Retirement of longtime owner Barry Pritchard and his intent to sell the Company. 

Read the full article in our January 2019 Newsreel that highlights the entirety of this situation (Page 2).

Local 399 has been working very closely with this group over the past several months to help navigate this difficult situation to ensure the jobs and benefits of our Members are protected. 

We are excited to announce that even in the uncertainty, we were able to get a year long extension to the current agreement as well as secure a 5-Year Agreement that will be honored should the Company find a new home to relocate to. There are some great prospects in the works that keep the Local and the Membership hopeful. We will continue to update our Members on the situation at Omega, and we are proud of this steadfast group that was able to secure protections amidst the current situation. 

We ask that our entire Local 399 Membership continue to support our Brothers and Sisters at Omega through this fight!