New Dues Rate beginning April 1st, 2024 is $348 PER Quarter ($116 a month)

Please complete the form in its entirety to make a One-Time Payment for the Quarter.  

 Please note the month we are currently in when selecting the dues amount to be paid.

Dues are due every January, April, July & October in order to avoid late fees.

Any payments made outside of these months will result in late fees.

See schedule below for payments made outside of January, April, July and October. 

** If you are making a late payment you are now able to pay your late fees online. Please select the correct amount in the drop down menu below. You are able to determine the correct amount by finding the month you are paying in and selecting the total that corresponds to that month. Use the chart below to help you determine how much you owe **

** Dues amounts starting April 1st, 2024 ** 

January = $348 || February = $368 || March = $388

April = $348 || May = $368 || June = $388

July = $348 || August = $368 || September = $388

October = $348 || November = $368 || December = $388

If your account is suspended you CANNOT make an online payment. Please contact (818) 985-7374.

If your account is on withdrawal you CANNOT make an online payment. Please contact (818) 985-7374.

If you have any questions about your account or dues status, please contact (818) 985-7374. You will receive an email confirmation when your payment has been processed. Please save this email for your records. 

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    Our online dues payment service has been implemented to provide you with a faster and more convenient way to pay your quarterly dues. Please note that late payment of your quarterly dues will result in fines of $20 per month. If dues are still not received before the last business day of the quarter you will be at risk of going suspended. By checking the box, I understand and agree that I may be contacted by a Teamsters Local 399 staff Member to discuss fines that may be due.
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