We are excited to announce that PRG Workers have ratified their first Agreement! 

We wanted to thank the almost 100 Members that signed up for a “Strike Action” when the company was delaying the process of providing the contract for our PRG Members to vote on. We were able to put pressure on the company because we had so many Members offer their time and support to this small but strong group. 

Business Agent Ernie Barraza will be providing a full update at General Membership Meeting this Sunday, “I want to thank all our Members that stood up in support of our PRG Members. To be able to tell the Company that we had almost 100 Local 399 Members behind our PRG workers in their fight made all the difference. I am so proud of this group for standing strong and united through this entire process.”  – Business Agent Ernie Barraza. 

Congratulations to our PRG Brothers on your newly ratified agreement and THANK YOU to all our Union Sisters & Brothers that stood with this group in their fight.