UPDATE regarding the Quixote Grip & Lighting organizing efforts: Quixote Grip & Lighting Warehouse Workers have stood strong and endured Management’s attempts to break up their commitment to each other and their efforts to organize for better wages and working conditions. On Friday of last week Teamsters Local 399 “Marched on the Boss” at their Pacoima facility to share information with the workers about union buster Alex Castillas, specifically, how much he was paid by Cinelease in 2016 to try to convince those 399 Brothers out of organizing. Alex’s efforts didn’t work then and they didn’t work now. While we were at the warehouse, we challenged Alex to a debate about the benefit of Unions and he refused to leave his office to even address us. After our efforts this past Friday, Alex was fired the following Monday and Quixote reached out to us indicating that they would give the bargaining unit the opportunity for a speedy election. 

Quixote Grip & Lighting Warehouse Workers will be voting this Thursday to become Teamsters, assuming a majority of the bargaining unit votes in favor of the Union. 

We want to take a minute to thank almost 150 of our Members that signed up to stand in solidarity with the Quixote Warehouse Workers should any job actions had needed to take place, as well thank those for the countless messages of support we received from our Membership and other Labor Unions on our various social media channels. 

The fight is not over and we will continue to stand by this group of workers to see them through their election, and if they decide to join 399, we will see them through to a strong contract that addresses their needs and fights for the pay they deserve. We will continue to keep the Membership informed on the outcome of the election after it takes place.