Quixote Warehouse Workers Face Unfair Labor Practices & are Refused Right to Quick Election

June 14th, 2018

Contact Information:Phone: 818-985-7374

Email: amy@ht399.org

On Tuesday, June 5th Local 399 delivered a demand letter seeking voluntary recognition for the Quixote Grip & Lighting Warehouse Workers. On Monday, June 11th the Company notified Teamsters Local 399 that they would not voluntarily recognize their employees, despite the overwhelming majority of their employees seeking a Union Contract. In response to the letter demanding recognition, Quixote Grip & Lighting hired union buster Alex Castillas to fight the organizing efforts of their employees. Quixote Grip & Lighting has delayed the election process and refuses to honor their employee’s decision. Teamsters Local 399 has been made aware that some of Quixote’s Grip and Lighting workers have already experienced various degrees of retaliation in the form of lay-offs and job duties changing from loading, unloading and delivering equipment, to being reduced to picking weeds in the parking lot and threats of cleaning toilets.

Teamsters Local 399 is prepared to fight alongside these workers in hopes of securing better working conditions, wages and a workplace free from retaliation and intimidation. “We have been extremely impressed by this group of workers.” Said Steve Dayan, Secretary-Treasurer of Teamsters Local 399. “They banned together and for months educated one another on the benefits of joining a Union, making the decision to fight for the respect, pay, and working conditions they deserve. We will do everything in our power to support this group with the goal of bargaining a strong, Union contract that protects them and gives them the dignity they deserve on the job.

Teamsters Local 399 has filed for an election and has also begun filing charges with the NLRB. Unfair Labor Practice Actions are being planned over the next several weeks leading up to their election in order to support the Quixote Grip & Lighting Warehouse Workers seeking to organize. Teamsters Local 399 Members are being encouraged to stand with the Quixote Grip & Warehouse Workers in their fight for better wages and improved working conditions.


We ask our Teamsters Local 399 Sisters & Brothers to join us in this fight and stand in solidarity with the Quixote Grip & Lighting Warehouse Workers.

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