Regarding Communication Posing as Local 399 Update:

We have gotten word from some of our Rank-and-File Members that they received a text message yesterday evening claiming it was from Local 399. We wanted to clarify that we did not send out any text communication yesterday. We adhere to the policies put in place by the Federal Communications Commission under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) to protect individuals from unlawful communication. We will not text you without your consent to opt into our updates nor would we ever share confidential Member information. If you received a text message yesterday claiming to be from the Local 399 and do not believe to have formally opted in for messages from this outside service please email us at

+ All text messages from Local 399 will come from the short code: 86466 + 
Any other short code number claiming to be Local 399 is fraudulent and legal action can be taken to stop these messages.  
We are investigating the issue further and will keep the Membership updated with our findings.