REMINDER: CSATF Hours of Service Class Requirement

Deadline: February 22nd

This is a General Announcement. If you have already completed this CSATF course please disregard.

CSATF has informed us that there are many Local 399 Members that have yet to complete their required “Hours of Service” Course. This required online course must be completed by February 22nd. Individuals who do not complete training required for their job classification will be suspended from the Industry Experience Roster (if applicable) and may be ineligible for employment.  Additionally, time spent suspended does not count for purposes of advancing in Roster grouping on the Industry Experience Roster.

CSATF has sent notices to those that have yet to complete the course. This is simply a courtesy email to help encourage our Members to complete this course as soon as possible. If you have already completed the Hours of Service Course, please disregard this email. 

Below is a recap of what was sent via CSATF:

“HOS” – Hours of Service*

DEADLINE: February 22, 2020

Contract Services is now providing Hours of Service training, which is required for certain Local #399 classifications. This 2-hour online course covers the Hours of Service requirements under Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations.  Topics include the definitions of on-duty and off-duty time, understanding hour limits for each rule set, daily log components and examples, and common errors when filling in driver logs. 

What do I need to do?

Individuals in your job classification must complete this required online course by February 22, 2020. 

This online course is available now: 

Click here to go to Contract Services’ web portal at choose your class and enroll. 

An on-site computer lab is available during our business hours at 2710 Winona Avenue, Burbank, CA 91504.  Admission is limited to individuals taking training.

I am not sure if I completed the course in question. How can I find out?:

Non-compliance is identified with a red background on the Online Roster.  The legend on the Online Roster defines the red background as: “Not in compliance with training requirements; suspended from Industry Experience Roster (if applicable); therefore, not trained for employment in California or to be hired in California and transported out of California.” After the timeline deadline, you may still complete your training.  Upon successful completion of all required courses, your status will reflect on the Online Roster as compliant (white background).

Should you have any questions, please reach out to CSATF directly or contact Business Agent Chris Sell: