Members should be starting to receive a Local 399 mask and safety card announcing the creation of two new Local 399 Hotlines:

  • Local 399 Safety Hotline: 818-436-0239
    • Local 399 Hotline to report a safety concern at your workplace. (Reminder: Studio Safety Hotline Numbers are on the back of your call sheet or in your 399 App. 
  • Local 399 Harassment & Discrimination Hotline: 818-432-3301
    • Local 399 Hotline to report harassment or discrimination at your workplace. 

As we see some Members slowly returning to work we want to remind Members that safety is everyone’s responsibility, both in and out of the workplace. Early next week we will be sharing an update with the Membership that answers some of the frequently asked questions from those that are slowly returning to work. At this time, if you get called to work, please remain in touch with your Union Representative with ANY and ALL questions or concerns.

Remember, when returning to work, PPE is the responsibility of your Employer however we are providing one free Local 399 mask to highlight the solidarity and commitment to help one another through this difficult time. Stay strong, stay masked and stay tuned for more updates. We are in this unprecedented and challenging time together.

More Local 399 masks will be available for purchase at the Union Hall when it opens again to the Membership. At this time, the Union Hall is CLOSED to Members and the general public however all Union Representatives are working around the clock and the normal Union Hall Office Hours are as follows to reach a staff member by PHONE or EMAIL:

  • Union Hall Front Office Staff Available: 9AM – 5PM
  • Call Board Staff Available: 5AM – 10PM