** If you would like to be considered for the waiting list please email ldougherty@ht399.org.

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The Society for Financial Awareness (SOFA), through AFL-CIO Labor Community Services, has introduced a program to help Members find financial comfort and success.

The time has come to break the cycle of financial mediocrity and level the playing field by raising the bar for all.

Just like a trade, you can learn to master the art and science of personal finances – all it takes is knowledge and discipline.

SOFA offers 3 workshops to equip and empower all Members to plan and achieve financial goals: Early Career, Mid-Career, and Pre-retirement.

Teamsters Local 399 will be setting up these workshops in the coming months and offering them to the Membership free of cost.

Whether you are just starting your career or a seasoned Teamster the times is now to start planning for your retirement. The Local is looking to empower and educate Members so that they and their families are equipped to plan for the future and protect against unforeseen financial burdens.

Teamsters Local 399 will be hosting a SOFA Workshop on Saturday, February 7th at 9AM. The workshop will take place at the Union Hall (4747 Vineland Avenue, North Hollywood CA, 91602)

Space is extremely limited (only 20 spots) and you must RSVP to attend.

Contact Business Agent Lindsay Dougherty to reserve your spot!

Email: ldougherty@ht399.org

Phone: (818) 432-3319