Today the Supreme Court overturned more than four decades of precedent by making fair share fees for public sector workers unconstitutional in the Janus v. AFSCME case.

From Day One, this case was backed and funded by billionaire corporate extremists like the Koch Brothers to divide working people and pad the pockets of the wealthiest among us at the expense of the workers who create their profits.

What does this decision mean for Public Sector Unions?

This case forces the entire Public Sector Unions in California and across America into Right-to-Work.

How does this impact Teamsters Local 399 Members?

Our Industry is Private Sector so for now, no changes will take place for our Membership. However, the attacks against working people will continue. We must stand together with our public sector Brothers and Sisters across the Nation to show we are Union Strong. When labor stands up and fights back, we win.

Across California, Union families, our friends, neighbors, elected leaders and allies are standing up to send a clear message that no court decision can extinguish the necessity of working people standing together to make the American Dream possible for everyone. Because we know that when working people stand together, amazing victories are achieved.

We need our Members to stand with working people today to not only condemn this decision, but to amplify the need for strong unions to fight back against an economy that’s rigged to the advantage of the wealthy and powerful.

Here are some ways to stand with working people today:

1. Join us on social media to support Unions using the hashtag #UnionStrong. Click here to download a #UnionStrong sign from the Califorina Federation of Labor to share on your own Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages.

2. Issue a statement condemning the decision and supporting the work Unions do to build strong communities in California.

3. Continue to urge elected officials to talk about the value Unions provide to working people and families across California and our Nation.

4. Attend the “Union Strong Rally” that will be hosted by the Los Angeles Federation of Labor tomorrow morning at 10am at City Hall – South Steps. Details here.

Continue to follow the Teamsters Local 399 social media pages: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram for updates regarding how working people are standing together to organize, fight back and win for all working people and families. If you are not receiving emails and text messages from us, sign up to get connected here.