Teamsters Local 399 is in full support of Local 11 efforts in the boycotting of both the Beverly Hills Hotel and the Bel-Air Hotel. The call to boycott comes about due to the Sultan of Brunei’s ownership of the Dorchester Collection – a collection of the most iconic hotels in the world. Brunei began implementing new laws that call for the execution of gay people by stoning and the penalization of women for so-called crimes such as participating in consensual sex.

“This boycott is now an international movement of people and organizations taking a stand against brutality and for dignity and human rights” said President of Unite HERE Thomas Walsh.

The Sultan has also extended his mistreatment of men and women beyond the borders of Brunei. In both his Beverly Hills Hotel and the Hotel Bel-Air the Sultan fired all the workers prior to multi-year renovations. When he reopened the hotels he had them staffed with all new workers. By removing all the original, experienced workers, the Sultan avoided a Union agreement.

Thomas Walsh further explains that, “This boycott represents the very best of the labor movement in the United States. Workers at the Beverly Hills Hotel and the Hotel Bel-Air standing in solidarity with a global coalition of members of the LGBT community, women, religious organizations, and allies as we fight for respect and dignity.”

Local 399 supports the efforts of Local 11 and joins in the boycott of both the Beverly Hills Hotel and the Hotel Bel-Air until either Brunei revokes its oppressive and horrific laws or the hotel is no longer owned or controlled by the Sultan of Brunei.

We must all stand united in this boycott for the injustices to the Worker’s Union being exhibited and the unacceptable and inhumane treatment of men and women around the world.


Steve Dayan

Secretary Treasurer Teamsters, 399