Teamsters Joint Council 42 Election Endorsements

When Teamsters Vote, Workers Win! 

There is a lot on the line this November. We must ensure working people, not the corporate elite, win this election cycle. When working people stand together & fight — we win. We know our Members will come to their own conclusions around what is best for themselves and their families in every election cycle, however for our Union family there are many important fights to protect our democracy, our movement and all workers across all industries throughout our Country.

Below is a list of Candidates and Propositions that have been endorsed by our Teamsters Joint Council 42 Political Directors, including our own Ed Duffy. These candidates and decisions on local measures and state propositions are selected after extensive interviews have been conducted with potential candidates and coalitions seeking a Teamster and Labor Endorsement. Each Local in our Joint Council selects a representative to attend candidate interviews and together the group asks questions on behalf of their individual Locals, as well as the Labor Movement at-large. Together, they determine who they believe will serve the best interests of working people and working families. We certainly aren’t telling you how to vote, but we are encouraging you to take a look at who is being endorsed by our Joint Council this November. 




Joe Biden


Kamala Harris 



14 – Research bonds – No Recommendation

15 – Funding for schools – YES

16 – Affirmative action – YES

17 – Parole amendment – No Recommendation

18 – California voting – No Recommendation

19 – Tax transfers – No Recommendation

20 – Parole restrictions – No Recommendation

21 – Rent control – No Recommendation

22 – Job classification – NO

23 – Dialysis clinics – YES

24 – Privacy law – No Recommendation

25 – Bail – YES


State Assembly:

AD 35 Dawn Addis                         

AD 39 Luz Maria Rivas      

AD 40 James Ramos                    

AD 41 Chris Holden                       

AD 43 Laura Friedman  

AD 44 Jacqui Irwin                         

AD 45 Jesse Gabriel                                 

AD 46 Adrin Nazarian                    

AD 47 Eloise Reyes                                   

AD 48 Blanca Rubio                      

AD 49 Ed Chau                               

AD 50 Richard Bloom        

AD 51 Wendy Carrillo                    

AD 52 Freddie Rodriguez

AD 54 Sydney Kamlager               

AD 57 Lisa Calderon                                 

AD 58 Cristina Garcia        

AD 59 Reggie Jones-Sawyer       

AD 60 Sabrina Cervantes             

AD 61 Jose Medina                        

AD 62 Autumn Burke                                 

AD 63 Anthony Rendon     

AD 64 Mike Gipson                        

AD 65 Sharon Quirk-Silva 

AD 66 Al Muratsuchi           

AD 68 Melissa Fox                         

AD 69 Tom Daly                  

AD 70 Patrick O’Donnell               

AD 72 Diedra Nguyen

AD 74 Cottie Petrie-Norris

AD 75 Kate Schwartz

AD 76 Tasha Boerner Horvath     

AD 78 Chris Ward

AD 79 Shirley Weber                                  

AD 80 Lorena Gonzalez    


State Senate:

SD 17 John Laird                           

SD 21 Kipp Mueller

SD 23 Abigail Medina        

SD 25 Anthony Portantino             

SD 27 Henry Stern             

SD 29 Josh Newman                                

SD 31 Richard Roth                                   

SD 33 Lena Gonzalez                                

SD 35 Steven Bradford                  

SD 37 David Min                 

SD 39 Toni Atkins                           


U.S. Congress:

CD 8 Chris Bubser                                   

CD 24 Salud Carbajal                               

CD 25 Christy Smith                                  

CD 26 Julia Brownley                    

CD 27 Judy Chu                             

CD 28 Adam Schiff                         

CD 31 Pete Aguilar                        

CD 32 Grace Napolitano              

CD 34 Jimmy Gomez                                

CD 35 Norma Torres                                 

CD 38 Linda Sanchez                   

CD 39 Gil Cisneros                                   

CD 40 Lucille Roybal-Allard                     

CD 41 Mark Takano                                   

CD 43 Maxine Waters                    

CD 44 Nanette Barragan              

CD 45 Katie Porter             

CD 46 Lou Correa                          

CD 47 Alan Lowenthal                  

CD 48 Harley Rouda                     

CD 49 Mike Levin               

CD 50 Ammar Campa-Najjar

CD 51 Juan Vargas                       

CD 52 Scott Peters                        

CD 53 Sara Jacobs                                   



District Attorney

Jackie Lacey



#2 Herb Wesson

#4 Janice Hahn

#5 Kathryn Barger


L.A. City Council:

#2 Paul Krekorian

#4 David Ryu                     

#6 Nury Martinez                           

#8 Marqueece Harris-Dawson

#10 Mark Ridley-Thomas 

#12 John Lee                                  

#14 Kevin De Leon                        


L.A. Comm. College Bd.

#1 Andra Hoffman

#3 David Vela

#5 Nichelle Henderson

#7 Mike Fong


L.A. Unified School Bd.

#1 George McKenna

#5 Jackie Goldberg

#7 Patricia Castellanos


ABC Unified School Dist.

#1 Leticia Mendoza


Alhambra Council

#4 Sasha Renee Perez


Bell Gardens Council

Pedro Aceituno

Maria Pulido


Bellflower Council

#4 Luis Melliz


Carson Mayor

Jim Dear


Carson Council

Jawane Hilton


Commerce City Council

Oralia Rebollo


Covina Valley Schools

#3 Christopher Harris


Cudahy Council

Jose Gonzalez


El Monte H.S. District Bd.

Carlos Salcedo                               


El Monte Mayor, Council

No endorsements


Gardena Council

Mark Henderson                 


Glendale Council

At-large Dan Brotman


Hacienda-La Puente Schools

#1 Taro O’Sullivan


Hawaiian Gardens Council

Francisco Noyola

Reynaldo Rodriguez


Hawthorne Mayor

Haidar Awad


Long Beach Council

#2 Cindy Allen

#6 Suely Saro

#8 Al Austin


Long Beach Comm. College Bd.

#4 Herlinda Chico


Long Beach Unified School Bd.

#2 Tonia Reyes Uranga



Council Frank Garcia

Jessica Torres

Clerk  Flor Aguiluz

Treasurer Mary Mariscal


Montebello School Comm.

Fernando Chacon


Montebello Council

Jack Hadjinian


Pasadena Mayor

Victor Gordo


Pasadena Unified School Bd.

#2 Wayne Hammack

#4 Scott Harden


Pomona Council

#6 Miranda Sheffield


Pomona Mayor

Tim Sandoval


Rio Hondo College Bd.

#2 Estela Magana

#4 Gary Mendez


Valley County Water Dist.

Director Ralph Galvan


Water Replenishment Dist.

#5 Vera Robles DeWitt


West Hollywood Council

John Erickson

Sepi Shyne



El Centro Council

Jason Jackson





#1 Sergio Contreras


Municipal Water Dist. O.C.

#3 Tyler Diep

#4 Stacy Taylor


O.C. Water Dist.

#6 Cathy Green


Anaheim Council

#4 Avelino Vasquez

#5 Steve Faessel


Brea-Olinda School Bd.

#2 Keri Kropke


Buena Park Council

#3 Susan Sonne

#4 Art Brown


Centralia School Bd.

#4 Lamiya Hoque


Costa Mesa Council

#2 Loren Gameros


Costa Mesa Mayor

Katrina Foley


Fullerton Council

#1 Fred Jung


Garden Grove Council

#2 John O’Neil

#6 Kim Bernice Nguyen


Garden Grove Mayor

Steve Jones


Huntington Beach Council

Billy O’Connell

Dan Kalmick


Irvine Mayor

Farrah Khan


Irvine Council

Tammy Kim

Lauren Johnson-Norris


Midway City Sanitary Bd.

Tyler Diep


No. O.C. College Trustee

#4 Miguel Alvarez


Orange Mayor

Adrienne Gladson


Placentia-Yorba School Bd.

#2 LaShe Rodriguez


Rancho Santiago College Bd.

#1 Zeke Hernandez

#3 Sal Tinajero

#7 Loretta Sanchez


Santa Ana Mayor

Claudia Alvarez


Santa Ana Council

#1 Cynthia Contreras

#3 Mark McLoughlin

#5 Juan Villegas


Santa Ana School Bd.

Oscar Reyes


Tustin Council

Letitia Clark


Tustin School Bd.

#1 Allyson Damikolas




Indio Council

#1 Erin Teran


Riverside Unified School Bd.

#3 Angelov Farooq

#4 Darlene Trujillo-Elliott


Temecula Council

No endorsements



Measure K Vote NO

Measure U Vote NO



#5 Joe Baca Jr.


Colton Council

John Echevarria


Needles Mayor

Jeff Williams


Redlands Council

#2 Eddie Tejada

#4 Ivan Ramirez


Rialto Council

Rafael Trujillo


San Bernardino College Bd.

#1 Frank Reyes


San Bernardino School Bd.

Heather Johnson

Gwen Dowdy Rodgers


Western Muni Water Dist.

#5 Fauzia Rizvi



Escondido Council

#2 Vanessa Valenzuela

#3 Don Green


National City Council

Jose Rodriguez


Palomar College Bd.

#2 Nina Deerfield


Palomar Health Bd.

#6 Jeff Griffith


San Marcos Council

#4 Neil Kramer



Grover Beach Mayor

Jeff Lee


San Luis Obispo Mayor

Heidi Harmon