“Teamsters Local 399 is calling for the immediate resignation of Labor Federation President Ron Herrera after the recently exposed racist comments by prominent Los Angeles leaders during a meeting at the LA County Federation of Labor.

Outside of the abhorrent comments shared by these elected leaders, the context of the conversation also appears to reveal plans to create further division among working families in Los Angeles. The inability to stand up against racist rhetoric, while also simultaneously asking our labor body to continue to support these candidates, is unacceptable. President Herrera can no longer function in a role that requires him to bring diverse groups together. An essential aspect of building strength and power for working families throughout Los Angeles.

Teamsters Local 399 is calling for his immediate resignation so that our LA Labor Federation’s Vice Presidents, Union Affiliates and Union members can regroup and reshape the leadership structure of this important coalition. One that promotes inclusivity and anti-racism principles.

Should the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor continue to remain under the leadership of President Herrera, Local 399 Principal Officer, and one of the Vice Presidents on the LA Federation of Labor Board, Lindsay Dougherty, has asked the Local 399 Executive Board to immediately remove itself from the organization and withhold any further support or contributions. The 399 Executive Board has approved said motion.

Our solidarity is our greatest strength in the labor movement to organize, mobilize and protect working families throughout Los Angeles. The elected officials we endorse and rely on must be committed to the safety and prosperity of all working people. We must all continue to work together and demand better.