As many of you know, every 3 years we go through a Local Union Election in which our Members have the ability to vote on their Executive Board comprised of a Secretary-Treasurer, President, Vice President, Recording Secretary, and 3 Trustees. This democratic process is mandated by the LMRDA (Labor Management Reporting and Disclosure Act) and the process is further outlined in our International Brotherhood of Teamsters Constitution and our Local’s By-Laws. 

Nominations for Candidates running took place on September 10th and ballots have been prepared by UniLect Election Services to mail to Local 399 Members in good-standing.

Below are some basic details about the Local Union Election. Please read carefully:

  • Ballots were placed in the mail to Teamster Local 399 Members in good-standing on Friday, September 20th.
  • If you do not receive a ballot by September 27th, or if you make a mistake on your ballot – Members should call UniLect Election Service: 1-855-240-0363 to request a ballot. This duplicate ballot line is available 24/7 (Member must have Teamster Local 399 Member ID Number OR last 4 digits of SSN readily available).
  • The deadline to request a duplicate ballot is 5PM on Friday, October 4th, 2019. 
  • Ballots must be RECEIVED by 9AM on October 11th, to the P.O. Box Listed on your Ballot in order to be counted. DO NOT mail ballots to the Union Hall.
  • To be eligible to vote, dues must be paid through September 2019 before 5PM on October 10th, 2019.

Should you have any questions about our Local Union Election, please contact UniLect Election Services: 888-864-5328 Ext 13

This is your Union and we encourage all Members to take the time to vote.