Teamsters Local 399 Members: Important MPI Information

Many of you have had questions about your MPIPHP Benefits. As you know, Secretary-Treasurer Steve Dayan, Business Agent Joshua Staheli and myself all serve as Directors on the Plans. We have all been in many discussions over the past week and a half as to how to best protect our Members during this crisis. The measures outlined are part of ongoing discussions with the Plans. As this situation unfolds, there will be more updates to share in order to address all of the questions and concerns from the Members about MPIPHP.

Please understand that every change to the Plans, especially in an Emergency Situation such as this, has to be discussed, analyzed, reviewed and then voted on by the entire Board of Directors. Every decision that has been made thus far has been done with careful consideration, not only in regards to the current crisis, but also with regard to how we can ensure the success of the Plans for years to come, beyond this emergency situation. It should be noted that the changes outlined below are temporary changes to assist MPI Participants during this crisis.

Click on the link below to read the most recent MPI Update highlighting topics such as:

  • Individual Account Plan Hardship Withdrawal
  • Health Premium Waiver
  • Telemedicine with No Co-Payments or Coinsurance for LiveHealth Online or Amwell
  • No Out-of-Pocket Costs for COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing
  • Early Prescription Refills Are Available
  • Update on the Financial Markets
  • MPI Hours
  • Optum is Offering Free Emotional Support Help, Tools & Resources
  • MPI Staff are Prioritizing Audits of Hours Issues that Grant Eligibility for Benefits

Please review the information carefully. I imagine many of you will have questions about the Emergency Adopted policies. Please contact myself, Secretary-Treasurer Steve Dayan or Business Agent Joshua Staheli with any immediate questions.

In Solidarity, 

Kenny Farnell


Teamsters Local 399