Teamsters stand in Solidarity with our IATSE Brothers & Sisters as they walk the Picket Line for the production of “Casting the Net”.
We have received many calls about this ultra Low Budget production from our Brothers & Sisters looking for ways to support. The IA will be walking the Picket Line all this week and they have asked us to stand in Solidarity with them. Local 399 Staff will be joining throughout the week and we invite Local 399 Members to join as well. Local 399 is not organizing this production at this time due to the fact that not one Driver has reached out to Local 399 to organize the production. In fact, all Drivers currently on this production have crossed the IA’s picket line for the last 2 days. This Local Union doesn’t support Scabs that cross picket lines. 
 If you are interested in walking the Picket Line, the address they are currently at is: 328 Riverdale Drive Glendale, CA 91204. Picketing is taking place NOW until later this evening. Tomorrow’s scheduled Picket Line will be posted on this thread when available.  
If driving through the area show your Union Pride and honk in Solidarity!