We first want to thank all of our Members who took the time to vote. Approximately 33% of the Membership voted in this election. This was the highest percentage turnout of any other JC 42 Local to date.

The results are as follows:

Steve Dayan – 915

Wes Ponsford – 805

Ed Duffy – 954

Rob Schwab – 828

Rosie Falcon – 950

Mitch Masoner – 317

Gene Alford – 285

Marlo Hellerstein – 236

** The bolded names indicate the winning 2016 Delegates from Teamsters Local 399.

Business Agent Lindsay Dougherty and Kenny Farnell will also be in attendance serving as the alternate Delegates by virtue of a white ballot.    

The 2016 Delegate Convention will take place on June 26th – July 1st in Las Vegas. At the convention the winning Delegates will determine who runs for General President and General Executive Board and will be expected to preserve and develop relationships with our Brothers and Sisters across the Nation.

Thank you again to our Members that participated in the 2016 Delegate Election.