The Business Agent reports on this website was repeated on the recent Joint Council 42’s Newspaper because it is imperative that the entire Teamster International Unions know what is happening in Hollywood. We do have one of the most interesting articles and practically everyone wants to know about Hollywood. One of the most interesting issues are the grievances that were filed and won. The numbers are astronomical. I believe that the reason for this is the culture of Hollywood. Years ago, there was an article in the LA Times about the culture of Hollywood titled, “Inhale lie, exhale lie.” Most of management in our Industry lie on a fairly regular basis. Also, as you know, certain coordinators who violate our contracts, do too consistently. This is why, in my opinion, we have such a large number of bona fide grievances.

It is all about greed by the producers, certain coordinators, and the companys’ labor relations who are assigned to defend the crooks even when caught.

We have won millions, yes millions of dollars on behalf of the members and this local. You can check it out with our Auditor, Jason Han. It is amazing! Check out our current Business Agents’ reports on this website and the upcoming newsreel. The best kept secret in the labor movement is the number of bona fide grievances filed and won by Local 399 on a regular basis. This is unheard of, more than any Local in the Nation, on a regular basis.

For example, on just “Hawaii 5-0,” as we had mentioned before, all 6 Local 399 members were paid a total of $128,848.10, and an additional $51,151.90 went to liquidated damages for a grand total of $180,000.00. This was just for 6 Local 399 members. I am not aware if Local 996 filed grievances on this production. I am sure that when they read this article they will do something about it.