The development of the International Teamster Women’s Caucus started at the 1991 Constitutional Convention. Many Teamster women expressed their concerns and various issues they had run into being women working in various industries across the United States. A group of Teamster Women from all around North America met in Boston for the first planning session on how to go about forming a Caucus that addressed the needs of women and offered support to women.

They determined the Union needed an advocacy group to educate and communicate with its women.Over the course of several meetings, the group established an Executive Board, bylaws and goals.

In 1995 the first Women’s Conference was held, hosted by Cheryl Johnson from Local 20 and the Executive Board under the direction of General President Jim Hoffa. The Women’s Conference was intended to help give women the opportunity to network, learn, and get help with issues facing them today both in the workplace as well as in their local and national communities. When the Women’s Conference became such a popular annual event, the Women’s Caucus decided to partner with the event. The two organizations worked together to develop a network amongst Teamster Women.

Today, the International Teamster Women’s Caucus is working to restructure the organization holding true to the founding ideals and principles but working to have a stronger presence throughout the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. The current Executive Board is looking to expand Membership, funding and communication.




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