This is a message from the Secretary-Treasurer Leo T. Reed to all members working under the Black Book Agreement, the Location Manager’s Agreement, Casting Director’s Agreement and all other supplemental agreements tied to the Black Book.

It has come to my attention that there is significant confusion that was generated by the November 15, 2012 letter from the Motion Picture Industry Health Plan regarding the implementation of the changes to the Health Plan ratified in July 2012. I call your attention to my talking points of July 22, 2012 for reference because nothing has changed.

  • Participants who have no dependents as well as retirees will not be paying a premium during the term of this collective bargaining agreement.
  • Participants with one dependent will pay a premium of $25 per month.
  • Participants with two or more dependents will pay $50 per month.

The Motion Picture Industry Health Plan will be in touch with you in the not too distant future regarding the many options that you will have regarding methods of payment for those of you who have to pay a premium. Any questions regarding your obligations should be directed to the health plan.

Please see my talking points in its entirety HERE.