As many as 15,000 people took to the streets of downtown L.A. to demand good jobs and stand with workers in Wisconsin and other states who are fighting to protect collective bargaining. This was the largest action led by L.A. labor in recent history – testimony to the reality that L.A. labor is taking the offensive, organizing workers, building its ranks, and lifting people up into the middle class.

“We’ve been asleep for too long. Wisconsin has woken us up and it’s about damn time,” declared International President James P. Hoffa. “And now the fight is on!”

Mahlon Mitchell, President of the Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin gave a rousing speech connecting Wisconsin to L.A. “This is about an attack on me. And this is an attack on you. We need to reclaim our moral outrage…because we are in the battle of a lifetime.”

To all the Local 399 Members, families, and friends who joined thousands of other Union Members who marched for Workers’ Rights on Saturday, March 26, 2011, we thank you. We are forever indebted! We also thank Ray Bidenost and his employees of Chef Robert Catering who donated their time and food.

It was awesome! Local 399 Members were overwhelming with their chants, “Film in LA, Film in LA!” “Teamsters, Power! Teamsters, Power!” “3-9-9, 3-9-9!” “Hollywood, Teamsters! Hollywood Teamsters!” & “What are we going to do? Kick Ass! What are we going to do? Kick Ass!” We were definitely the loudest group.

I know that everyone were proud to be a Teamster, like always. Listed below are the members who walked the walk. Many had families and friends that are not listed, but their pictures are worth a thousand words (an old Chinese proverb) Check it out.

Thank you!

Leo T. Reed

Jose Anaya, Nicole Arbusto, Sergio Arevalos, Luis Arroyo, Lyle Atkins, Joe Auger, Philip Bak, Tom Baker, Johnny Batiuk, Steve Beimler, Mike Belpedio, Greg Benton, Marilyn Bitner, Alasdair Boyd, Steve Bridgman, Bree Brozey, Alex Burns, Marvin Butler, Bruce Callahan, Jose Campos, Myleen Chapin, Deven Chierighino, Elisa Ann Conant, Mark Conroy, Vince Cortez, Tony Cousimano, Kim Crabb, Fermin Davalos, Stanford Davis, Bill Dawson, Steve Dayan, Debora Deibler, Manny DeMello, Howard Doing, Tim Down, Ed Duffy, Don Easy, Royale Edward, Bobby Enriquez, Rose Falcon, Michael Fennessey, Jack Fisher, Andrew Gardiner, Brett George, Karen Gilbert, Margaret Giordano, Vincent Giordano, Pete Giraldo, Robby Goldstein, Paul Gonzalez, Dan Gordon, James Grant, Gary Gregos, Nancy Haecker, Bobby Hall, Jason Han, Bonnie Harmon, Janet Harold, Sidney Highsmith, Timothy Hillman, Mark Holmes, Jon Hopton, Teri Lee Huff, Titus Humphrey, West Humphries, James Hunt, Orlando Hurtado, Charlie Jakab, Sergio Jimenez, Ilt Jones, Andree Juviler, Greg Karson, John Kemmler, Rory Kierans, Val Kim, John Kvammen, Valente Lamas, Ruth Lambert, Robert Lamkin, Vanessa LaTray, Shanda Laurent, Johannes Liotart, Noe Lopez, Terry Mack, Richard Maginnis, Tom Marchetti, Robert Marchetti, Lara Massengill, Laura Matteson, Byron McGee, Mark Mechelin, Paul Mendez, Ralph Meyer, Carlos Morante, George Nadian, Diego Orozco, Peter Pappas, Larry Pearson, William Peck, John Peters, Randy Peterson, Gaston Pierre, David Prescott, Leo Reed Jr., Leo Reed Sr., Joe Ripke, Tom Roberts, Randy Rodriguez, Ryen Rodriguez, George Rodriguez, Joe Rose, Hernan Sanchez, Brenda Santacruz, Herman Santana, Armando Santana, David Schramm, Marissa Schwierjohn, Robert Segletes, Anthony Shields, Don St. John, Damien Stafford, Jim Sullivan, Mike Swann, Martin Tajra, Alfred Tanoai, Marta Tomkiw, Tulima Tuanaki, Veronique Vowell, Mike Walsh, Gary Watts, Stephan Weissberger, John West, Martine White, Dewayne Williams, Carlos Williams & Mike Wilson.

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