Universal City Studios, LLC: Bid Application for Gardening/Maintenance Department – Horticulturist / Driver 

This position will be posted for 5 business days effective July 25th – July 29th. 

Position: Horticulturist/Driver 

Wage Rate: $36.01per hour ($36.86 effective July 31st, 2016) 

Work Schedule: This position will normally be scheduled on Tuesday through Saturday Basis, so long as work is available in this area.

Position Description: The successful applicant must have knowledge and experience on all aspects of irrigation and horticulture, and be able to work overtime and weekends. The applicant must be able to know all aspects of operating the following equipment: trenchers, pressure washers, lawn aerator, ride-on lawn mowers, self-propelled, walk-behind lawn mowers, and sweeper machines. The applicant will be required to perform all assignments as directed by their assigned supervisor, and/or Studio Operations Management. Must have organizational Skills involving job assignments, as well as the ability to carry through to completion. 

Position Duration: This position will be considered a station assignment for a period of twelve consecutive months from the date of award. As such, successful applicants will not be subject to general layoffs or reductions in staff based solely on seniority or industry groupings. The successful applicant will remain in this assignment as long as work is available in this category. 

Applicants: This position will be awarded based on skill, ability, personal qualifications, and length of service. If you wish to be considered, please call the Call Board: 818-985-7550 

If you have any questions about this position please email Business Agent Wes Ponsford: wponsford@ht399.org.