Location Manager Larry Pearson recently made his way to San Pedro, aiming to prevent the demolition of port sites that have been used as filming locations for years. “We’re trying to make a difference,” he said. This was just one of many things Pearson has done to keep film and television production work in California.

Currently a Location Manager on the TV series Raising Hope, Pearson became a Teamster in 1977 as a driver for UPS. In the mid-1980s, he shifted gears and launched what would prove to be a successful career as a Location Manager. For the past 28 years, he has been busy working on top TV shows and movies including 24 and CSI: NY as well as several Charles Bronson films.

As Shop Steward for Location Managers and Location Assistants, Pearson answers members’ questions and helps with grievances. Then he goes above and beyond, supporting the work of Business Agent Ed Duffy and others to keep film and television shoots in California.

“Ed Duffy is in meetings constantly about keeping film in California. I want to step in and help,” Pearson said.

“He helps me in so many ways,” said Duffy. “He is level-headed and truly there for his fellow members.”

Through the union’s Education Committee, Pearson teaches classes such as Locations 101, and attends and supports all of the other monthly classes.

Pearson credits Business Agent Steve Dayan for inspiring him to get more involved in the union. “In the beginning I was quiet, just did my job and didn’t get involved. But Steve Dayan came in and gave us the energy to want to get involved. He made it feel important, and let us know that we could make changes.”

In addition to working on Raising Hope, Pearson just completed a pilot for CBS. He attributes his success in part to the help of fantastic Location Assistants.

Outside of work, he has enjoyed a rich life involving motorcycle and car racing and a 13-year relationship with Location Manager Briana Burke. The couple has two foster daughters.

“I love my job, and I’ve had an incredibly good life,” said Pearson. “In our job, if we didn’t have a union, I could see us working an ungodly amount of hours, and not having protection. I have a retirement that I’m going to be making use of fairly soon. I have savings. I have medical benefits. All of these things happened through the union. I feel we all need to look inside and give something back.”