Adopted by Local 399 Executive Board as of March 17th, 2020 until further notice.

Many of you have voiced concerns over whether or not you will be responsible to pay your 2nd Quarter Dues (April, May & June). The Local 399 Executive Board and myself understand your concerns and we want to make it as easy as possible to alleviate any financial hardship at this time. Please see the approved COVID-19 Emergency Dues Policy adopted by our Local 399 Executive Board on March 17th, 2020 to offer extra support through our already existing Withdrawal Policy:


  • Any Member who is unemployed and wishes to save money and take an “Honorary Withdrawal Card” from Teamsters Local 399 may do so.
  • In order to streamline this process, simply complete this online form below that will be sent directly to the Front Office. In light of the influx of Withdrawal Requests, please allow 10 Business Days for the Front Office to process your request. They will provide email confirmation when your Withdrawal Request has been approved or they will follow-up via phone call to discuss your account if further information is needed.

Some Important Points to Note:

  • This will NOT affect your unemployment benefits from the State of California.
  • During this Emergency period, the Local 399 Executive Board is allowing Members to stay on an ‘Available’ Status with the Call Board despite being on an “Honorary Withdrawal”.
  • To obtain a “Honorary Withdrawal” Card, Members must have their 1st Quarter Dues paid for: January, February and March 2020.
  • Dues for the months a Member is on an “Honorary Withdrawal” Status will NOT be owed upon returning to work. However, if a Member is taking a job, and works even just one day in a Month, that Member will be responsible to pay dues for that Month.



  • Any Member as of March 1st, 2020 that that still owes dues for the 1st Quarter: January, February & March should also fill out our online Withdrawal Form below.
  • For those that cannot pay at this time, you will be put on a “HOLD” Status, and will NOT be suspended at the end of the month if your cannot bring your dues to current.
  • When these Members return to work, you will still be responsible to pay their back Dues and late fees, however they will NOT have to pay for the months in which they were laid off and they will NOT have to pay a re-initiation fee.



  • For any Member that is currently making payments on their initiation, we are deferring payments to be made on your initiation for up to 3 months or until you begin working again. Please email the Front Office: to indicate if you wish to defer payments and they will be in touch with you to discuss the details of your updated payment plan.



  • If a Member is currently Employed or currently being paid by an Employer, at this time they will be responsible for paying dues and cannot go on Withdrawal.
  • Any Member who wishes to remain a Member in “good-standing” must continue to pay their dues as per the Local 399 By-Laws.

I also want to make it clear that during this time, all Local 399 Executive Board, Staff and Shop Stewards will be expected to pay their dues. We are all working around the clock to support our Members so please make us your first call if you have a question. We are in this with you and we are here to help.


Please read the form carefully and complete in it’s entirety. Due to the high volume of Withdrawal Request, please allow 10 Business Days to receive confirmation of your request or a follow-up phone call if more information is needed. Should you have any immediate questions, please call: 818-985-7374.

Click here on or on the image below to review some Frequently Asked Questions in regards to our Local 399 COVID-19 Emergency Dues Policy.